Reactive Rover Successes

I absolutely love hearing from the Reactive Rover Class and am beyond thrilled for the successes that they are having at the end of the leash because it can be so stressful for canine and handler when something scary or threatening approaches.  Our Reactive Rover class is always eye opening and it's just about the best investment you can make for really learning how to read and help your dog without becoming a trainer yourself.  Here are a few excerpts from our current class:


So first off, sorry I feel the need to tell you every Tyson achievement but I hope it makes you proud too! So he's reactive to birds too (obviously) and I've been really trying to work him in the morning since they're everywhere. Today we're on our usual walk- I became more confident and now do the whole neighborhood dogs barking at us and all - and every single time he saw a bird he just sat and looked at me like, "Ummm...Mom where's my salami?" There were a couple times where I couldn't figure it why he was sitting since he saw the bird well before I did. Long story short, NO reactions today!! I could not have done it without you so please don't ever stop dog training because you are amazing at it and Tyson's super lucky to have found you!


We ran a 5K this morning!! He did great, we crossed the street when a dog was coming, he didn't even growl! I had him sit abd watch me and clicked and treated him!!

I clicked him for lots of "look at that!" He looked but didn't react at the house with crazy barking dogs, they were inside.

He completely ignored a very old dog with a hoarse bark, he didn't even recognize it as a bark, it was funny!