Michaela is simply the best. I can't recommend her highly enough. She has been a terrific guide and resource for me, and a wholly positive influence for my reactive dog. Working with Michaela has significantly improved my dog's quality of life (and therefore mine!) - he is a much happier and more confident dog than when we started, and Micheala's classes continue to be an important part of his social well being.

We've done both private sessions and group classes with Michaela. Both are great, and we've gotten different things out of them. She's adept at assessing what a dog needs and what strategies will be most successful based on those needs and the dog's personality. This shines through not just in one-on-one interactions but also in how she structures classes. Different dogs in the same group class often need to get different things out of it, and Michaela is great at shaping a class to meet those varied needs.

Michaela is also great at communicating with the people on the other end of the leashes. No matter what you do in a training session, consistency is key to seeing real results, so her ability to work so well with the people who've brought their dogs in is very important - you'll have a clear idea of what to work on between sessions, and how to approach it.

Michaela is very talented and is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the dogs and people she works with. I'm glad to have found such an amazing trainer, and hope to keep working with her for years to come. -Peter E.

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We enlisted the assistance from Michaela for our 3 year old rescue dog. For his hyperactivity and separation anxiety, she provided us with very helpful strategies through private training sessions. We also enrolled our pup in the Intermediate class as well. Michaela is an excellent instructor and kept the class size small. We continued to work on obedience training in class. Whatever your dog's needs may be, I am confident Michaela will provide invaluable assistance. 5 stars! ~Beth M.



We couldn’t be more thankful to have found OM Obedience. When we first adopted Nimbus it was clear we needed some major guidance to focus his energy and help with his leash aggression.  After Intermediate classes and even Agility he has blossomed into such a sweet dog! He still has his moments of acting out but he proved to us how smart he is and that he’s always eager to please us. We even went to a party this weekend where there were 30 strangers, a strange dog and little kids and Nimbus was on his best behavior! That never would have been possible before Michaela came into our lives! 



So first off, sorry I feel the need to tell you every Tyson achievement but I hope it makes you proud too! So he's reactive to birds too (obviously) and I've been really trying to work him in the morning since they're everywhere. Today we're on our usual walk- I became more confident and now do the whole neighborhood dogs barking at us and all - and every single time he saw a bird he just sat and looked at me like, "Ummm...Mom where's my salami?" There were a couple times where I couldn't figure it why he was sitting since he saw the bird well before I did. Long story short, NO reactions today!! I could not have done it without you so please don't ever stop dog training because you are amazing at it and Tyson's super lucky to have found you! -Shauna



Thank you! Q got loose in our yard getting out of the car and I did the hit the ground and call her to play & she came! You ARE BRILLIANT at what you do!!! ~Lauren D.



Great meeting you today. We are all excited about working together. I'm shocked to see this, but I think he is certainly going to have his work cut out for him, and work makes us tired!!

Thanks again, we will see you in a few weeks.


A tired dog is a good dog.

A tired dog is a good dog.


Michaela is the ultimate dog whisperer. She has helped us out completely with being a first time dog owners. We have been with her from puppy to intermediate classes and she has even provided private lessons at our home to work on Manny's at home quirks (ie; jumping at visitors, thinking our couch and bed were his personal property, crazy laps in the house at night).  All along the way if I ever have a question she is one Facebook post or text away. Her guidance has really kept us on track with training and shaping Manny into our perfect dog. He still has his crazy moments but with the knowledge she has instilled in us we now have a better handle on him.

Manny's down / wait for a treat has made it very easy to take photos of him.  Manny is now a master of fetch. Before Michaela's help when you would go for the ball that he brought over to you he would try to get it before you (sometimes getting you accidentally with his teeth - ouch). He now comes over, drops the ball and waits patiently in a down position until the ball is thrown.

We had a hard time with this 60 pound lap dog jumping up at people and thinking he owned the couch / sitting on the back of the couch like a cat flattening it out. Thanks to Michaela's private training at our home we we're able to have him learn his place was on the rug until we allowed him to join us on the couch. This one has especially been a life saver when having guests over. Samantha, Danny & Manny


We started working Michaela when our Boxer was 10 weeks old. We had just found out we were also expecting our first child and we wanted to make sure our puppy was not only trained properly, but would ready for her new brother or sister. We worked our way through Michaela’s leveled classes and also worked with her once a week in private sessions.  We were so pleased with Zoey’s progress and did not have any hesitations about bringing our new baby home. Zoey absolutely loved working with Michaela and still loves seeing her. All we have to say is “Want to see Michaela?” and she runs to the door, tail wagging!  Although she is still a puppy, and has boundless energy, Zoey is our little girl’s best friend. She is so gentle and calm around her and loves to give her kisses. We owe a great deal of this to Michaela’s work and positive reinforcement! Meghan, Wayne, Mya & Zoey


In December 2013 we got a puppy. I fell in love with her face and cuddles but I wasn't at all prepared for the responsibility of being a fur mom. The thought crossed my mind that maybe it wouldn't work out and she would have to go back. Then one fateful Sunday, desperate for a way to burn off excess beagle puppy energy, we met Michaela who let us stay at puppy playtime even though Brooklyn was too old. 18 short months later, I proudly guided that same dog through her Canine Good Citizen, with the same miracle trainer. Om Obedience has truly given us a much more peaceful hOMe. –Meaghan K. & Brooklyn