Michaela is simply the best. I can't recommend her highly enough. She has been a terrific guide and resource for me, and a wholly positive influence for my reactive dog. Working with Michaela has significantly improved my dog's quality of life (and therefore mine!) - he is a much happier and more confident dog than when we started, and Micheala's classes continue to be an important part of his social well being.

We've done both private sessions and group classes with Michaela. Both are great, and we've gotten different things out of them. She's adept at assessing what a dog needs and what strategies will be most successful based on those needs and the dog's personality. This shines through not just in one-on-one interactions but also in how she structures classes. Different dogs in the same group class often need to get different things out of it, and Michaela is great at shaping a class to meet those varied needs.

Michaela is also great at communicating with the people on the other end of the leashes. No matter what you do in a training session, consistency is key to seeing real results, so her ability to work so well with the people who've brought their dogs in is very important - you'll have a clear idea of what to work on between sessions, and how to approach it.

Michaela is very talented and is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of the dogs and people she works with. I'm glad to have found such an amazing trainer, and hope to keep working with her for years to come. -Peter E.

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