Michaela is the ultimate dog whisperer. She has helped us out completely with being a first time dog owners. We have been with her from puppy to intermediate classes and she has even provided private lessons at our home to work on Manny's at home quirks (ie; jumping at visitors, thinking our couch and bed were his personal property, crazy laps in the house at night).  All along the way if I ever have a question she is one Facebook post or text away. Her guidance has really kept us on track with training and shaping Manny into our perfect dog. He still has his crazy moments but with the knowledge she has instilled in us we now have a better handle on him.

Manny's down / wait for a treat has made it very easy to take photos of him.  Manny is now a master of fetch. Before Michaela's help when you would go for the ball that he brought over to you he would try to get it before you (sometimes getting you accidentally with his teeth - ouch). He now comes over, drops the ball and waits patiently in a down position until the ball is thrown.

We had a hard time with this 60 pound lap dog jumping up at people and thinking he owned the couch / sitting on the back of the couch like a cat flattening it out. Thanks to Michaela's private training at our home we we're able to have him learn his place was on the rug until we allowed him to join us on the couch. This one has especially been a life saver when having guests over. Samantha, Danny & Manny