We started working Michaela when our Boxer was 10 weeks old. We had just found out we were also expecting our first child and we wanted to make sure our puppy was not only trained properly, but would ready for her new brother or sister. We worked our way through Michaela’s leveled classes and also worked with her once a week in private sessions.  We were so pleased with Zoey’s progress and did not have any hesitations about bringing our new baby home. Zoey absolutely loved working with Michaela and still loves seeing her. All we have to say is “Want to see Michaela?” and she runs to the door, tail wagging!  Although she is still a puppy, and has boundless energy, Zoey is our little girl’s best friend. She is so gentle and calm around her and loves to give her kisses. We owe a great deal of this to Michaela’s work and positive reinforcement! Meghan, Wayne, Mya & Zoey